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If you are look­ing for a good time to be had by all at your wed­ding recep­tion then Matt Cross and The One Night Band is your ticket to a dance floor packed with your favorite peo­ple rock­ing the night away to your favorite songs. Matt is a pure enter­tainer and wields his 3 piece band clev­erly through musi­cal gen­res and eras so diverse that your grandma will want to dance with your col­lege room­mate! There is noth­ing like hav­ing LIVE music at your wed­ding; it gives an energy and buzz that peo­ple can’t help but respond too.

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How long have you guys been together? 
The One Night Band has been together for two years. We’ve all been in pre­vi­ous bands, and played music for over a decade. I can’t believe it’s only been that amount of time. In that time we have played 4 wed­dings, spent the last year being the house band at Pel­i­can Point in Shell Beach. We have also been reg­u­lars at Frog and Peach Pub, Mongo’s Bar and Grill, Mr. Rick’s Bar and Grill, and numer­ous pri­vate par­ties. We didn’t real­ize until recently that wed­dings are what gets us most excited.

So you’ve played just about every venue in the area and you’ve all been in orig­i­nal bands in the past. Why the switch to weddings/cover music?
I con­sider myself more of an enter­tainer than a musi­cian. What I mean is my pas­sion is excit­ing and enter­tain­ing a crowd. We love watch­ing peo­ple have a good time, and noth­ing pumps party goers like hear­ing and danc­ing to songs they know and love. We want to make every recep­tion we play some­thing the cou­ple will never for­get, and the wed­ding guests won’t stop talk­ing about. But we still play local bars and pri­vate func­tions all the time.

What types of music do you play?
We try to hit every era of music. We want to have the bride and groom danc­ing, but we don’t want to leave out any party guest. We want mom and dad, crazy aunts and uncles, and even a grandma or two out on the dance-floor. The band hits every­thing from Creedance Clear­wa­ter Revival, Van Mor­ri­son, Johnny Cash on up to Bon Jovi, Michael Jack­son and Jour­ney. But also includes more mod­ern dance hits from Justin Tim­ber­lake, to Sub­lime and Outkast.

How long do you play a typ­i­cal reception?

We have var­i­ous pack­ages, and the band can play up to 4 hours. We also offer M.C. ser­vices for the entire recep­tion and the band can pro­vide D.J. ser­vice for din­ner and extended dance music.

What songs really get peo­ple danc­ing?
We are always sur­prised see­ing which songs get peo­ple on the dance-floor. Noth­ing gets guests out like ‘Shout’ by the Isley Broth­ers. But we have also got­ten Grandma and Grandpa cut­ting the rug to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’.

How far are you guys will­ing to go?

Our des­ti­na­tion is your recep­tion! We can put together a pack­age that can accom­mo­date any­thing you have planned.


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  1. Chantal Burns


    My fiancé and I are big fans and we are excited to share the many great parts of SLO with our fam­ily and friends. Both of us imme­di­ately thought of hav­ing Matt Cross play at our wedding!

    Our wed­ding date is Sat­ur­day, Sep­tem­ber 19th, 2015 at the See Canyon Fruit Ranch in Avila.

    We would love to find out if the date is avail­able, pric­ing, and any other details.

    Chan­tal Burns

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