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Natalie and Stephanie of Love­lyfest Events are sis­ters, best friends and phe­nom­e­nal design­ers! They come from a fam­ily of artists and their dad occa­sion­ally col­lab­o­rates to cre­ate wed­ding details from his metal fab­ri­cat­ing busi­ness. It’s assets like that and their back­grounds in art / inte­rior design which com­pel Nat & Steph to make every­thing unique and true to each cou­ple they serve. From hand­craft­ing the inti­mate decor details to cre­at­ing elab­o­rate signs and back­drops they design every­thing with the heart to work from a bride’s child­hood wed­ding dreams and make those dreams a real­ity. Suc­cess for these artsy sis­ters is when a bride walks into her venue and first expe­ri­ences her wed­ding atmos­phere, she is stunned with amaze­ment and feels; “Woah… This is beyond my wildest dreams!” All the clients they have worked with absolutely trust Natalie and Stephanie to do every­thing and they say that really frees them up to give their cou­ples every­thing they want and more. Check out this dynamic sis­ter duo that is Love­lyfest Events!

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How did you get started in doing what you do?

Natalie: I was obsessed with wed­dings and the idea of mar­riage so when my sister-in-law got mar­ried in 2007 I took it upon myself to plan her entire wed­ding. It basi­cally took off from there and after doing my own wed­ding the next year I knew it was some­thing I wanted to do for a liv­ing. In the last few years I got my sis­ter Stephanie on board doing events for friends and fam­ily, and in late 2012, together we cre­ated our busi­ness Love­lyfest.




Do you con­sider what you do as an artform?

Both: Def­i­nitely! Our par­ents have a lot of artis­tic abil­i­ties that they passed on to us and we’ve always been encour­aged to express our cre­ativ­ity. We approach every job almost as a com­mis­sioned art project and by col­lab­o­rat­ing, we cre­ate even bet­ter results than we would on our own. We think of wed­dings as a form of art because they are always chang­ing in forms of style, col­ors, tra­di­tions, and trends. We thrive on the con­stant change!





Who or what con­tin­ues to inspire you?

Both: Travel, admir­ing our peer’s work, fab­ric, win­dow dis­plays, paper, pat­terns, nature’s beauty.



What makes your busi­ness unique?

We take on every project as a fresh new slate, we don’t use past ideas, but cre­ate a new approach based on every client. We’re sis­ters and we enjoy col­lab­o­rat­ing together to make every­thing flow. We love tak­ing a couple’s unique qual­i­ties and bring­ing it into the design.






How would you describe your ideal couple?

First, one that’s madly in love, sec­ond, one that has a vision for their wed­ding and who give us free reign to make it amazing!


What ques­tion do you always ask the bride and groom?

What unique ways do they want to remem­ber their wedding.



What’s your per­sonal busi­ness philosophy?

To use hon­esty and integrity, and to stay pas­sion­ate about cre­at­ing amaz­ing wed­dings for our clients.



Favorite part of a wedding?

The look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the very first time.

Why do you do what you do?

We’re in love with wed­dings and love being able to be cre­ative in our jobs!



First music album you ever bought?

N: Han­son
S: Destiny’s Child




Favorite Movie?

Both: Father of the Bride

How do you nor­mally start your day?

Both: COFFEE asap

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?

N: Design­ing my house, hik­ing, shop­ping
S: Paint­ing, craft­ing, cook­ing, shopping





Do you col­lect anything?

N: Cake stands
S: Any­thing Jadeite

How do you sign off on emails?


If you moved to a for­eign coun­try, which one & why?

Both: France. Every­thing is tres chic! (Espe­cially Paris)

If you were an ani­mal, what would you be?

S: Kitty. They get to nap in the sun all day.

Okay, tell us your nicknames?

N: Natilda
S: Steffy





Wed­ding trend that you are lov­ing right now?

N: The use of mar­quee lights
S: Unique cer­e­mony backdrops

Read the book or watch the movie?

Watch the movie

Favorite quote?

Song of Songs 8:7 “Many waters can­not quench love; rivers can­not sweep it away.”

What chore do you absolutely HATE doing?

N: Dust­ing
S: Mak­ing the bed






What sound do you love?

N & S: Rain and waves crashing

What was the last movie, book, or tv show that made you cry?

Both: YouTube video of Fred Stobaugh’s Love Song to his late wife

What’s the hard­est thing you’ve ever had to do?

N: Remod­el­ing my 1920’s bun­ga­low
S: Crew team at UCLA

What’s the great­est gift that you have ever received or given?

God’s love!


What do you miss most about being a kid?

N: No respon­si­bil­i­ties
S: Play­ing out­side until it got dark

Where do you see your­self (or busi­ness) in the near future?

We see our busi­ness con­tin­u­ing grow, hav­ing awe­some clients and styling fun weddings!


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