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Judi is the Cen­tral Coast’s Queen of hos­pi­tal­ity. You might know her in rela­tion to her san luis obispo county wed­ding venue and vic­to­rian home, the Dana Pow­ers House (and barn) that she rents out on the week­ends for wed­dings. I have never seen any­one make 200 dif­fer­ent peo­ple (every week­end) feel like her home is theirs. Judi’s house has become a gallery of all things vin­tage and antique. As her col­lec­tion has grown she has been able to sup­ply cou­ples get­ting mar­ried at either the barn or house with lovely decor. It makes sense that she is now open­ing up her col­lec­tion to cou­ples hav­ing wed­dings all over the Cen­tral Coast wed­ding area. Enjoy Judi’s interview!

Embell­ish’ Web­site

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals loveseat and decor

How did you get your start?
I started doing wed­dings about 32 years ago.  I have always had some things that I made avail­able for my brides for their wed­ding. Recently I decided that it was time to share. I have been col­lect­ing vin­tage most of my life so I have lots of great, inter­est­ing pieces. It is really fun to have a bride come see my col­lec­tion and love every­thing. I know I have found a kin­dred spirit.

Describe a piv­otal moment that led you to be an artist.
As an adult I was think­ing about my child­hood and  real­ized that I had been design­ing play houses since I was a lit­tle girl. It is how I enter­tained myself liv­ing on a ranch with three broth­ers. When I mar­ried young and got to play house for real, I got lots of com­pli­ments on the home I cre­ated. It was the begin­ning of a life long love of cre­at­ing beauty for my home, gar­den and family.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals little blue table

What or who con­tin­ues to inspire you?
I am inspired by my close group of amaz­ing girl­friends …all so tal­ented. I have been a fan of Martha Stew­art since her first book on enter­tain­ing came out. I love her atten­tion to detail.  In recent years I have found a lot of inspi­ra­tion from the young girls in the wed­ding indus­try. I am con­stantly amazed at the fresh­ness they bring to the table and I for one am always eager to learn some­thing new so I am con­stantly look­ing at what the lat­est trend is.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals judi powers under potted plant sign

What makes your busi­ness unique?
My prop­erty has been in my fam­ily for 180 years. The work ethic that I apply to my home and busi­ness I inher­ited from my par­ents, and their par­ents before them. Five gen­er­a­tions of car­ing for this land, and a strong fam­ily legacy, are what drive me to do the very best I can do for other fam­i­lies that come to begin their lives together here at the Dana-Powers House. From the early days of Ran­cho Nipomo and La Casa de Dana, my fam­ily has been known for gra­cious hos­pi­tal­ity. This home is the heart of our fam­ily, and it just became a nat­ural exten­sion for me to con­tinue this tradition.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals loveseat and find your seat sign

How do you nor­mally begin your day?
Cof­fee and a cross­word. Then I wait for my brain to kick in.

First (music) album you ever bought?
Not sure I remem­ber but prob­a­bly Kris Kristoferson.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals heart shaped decor with pink chair

What is your favorite flower?
Anthing vin­tage that grows in my gar­den. Roses, fox­gloves, nico­tiana, del­phini­ums. Also pink tulips and peonies when they are in sea­son, I can­not resist buy­ing them.

Favorite part of a wed­ding?
The excite­ment of the day!

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals judi powers standing and smiling

Favorite movie or doc­u­men­tary?
Any love story with a happy ending.

Song that makes you get up and dance?
Oldies with my guy.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals old chairs

What is your ideal cou­ple?
The ones madly in love of course!

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?
What is that? I do enjoy a run to my favorite antique stores, work­ing in my gar­den and cook­ing a great meal.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rental details

What’s your per­sonal busi­ness phi­los­o­phy?
Kind­ness mat­ters …treat oth­ers as you would want to be treated.

Favorite pas­time?
Very favorite is col­lect­ing for embell­ish, but I also love to gar­den and I am a pretty pass­able cook.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals table decor with globe

Why do you do what you do?
I can­not imag­ine doing any­thing else.

First Job?
My father made me pick string beans one sum­mer. A very hum­bling experience.

Some­thing that moved you deeply at a wed­ding or with a cou­ple recently?
A few years ago I had a cou­ple in their eight­ies get­ting mar­ried in the gar­den. Someone’s asked the bride about the best day of her life and she said “oh that would be the day I met Char­lie.” They then pro­ceeded to share the sweet­est, most pas­sion­ate kiss after their I dos that I have ever seen.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals crystal chandelier

Great­est accom­plish­ment?
My mar­riage, my fam­ily, being able to stay home with my chil­dren when they were young while work­ing at a job I absolutely love.

How do you sign off on your emails?
Kind regards.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals judi powers gazing at husband laughing

If you had to move to a for­eign coun­try, which one?
I am pretty happy right here but if I had to go I would prob­a­bly have to say Paris. I think it would take a life­time to explore it all.

What ques­tion do you always ask the bride & groom?
House or Barn?

If you were an ani­mal, what whould you be?
A pushmepullyou.

If you were in a band, what instru­ment would you play?
No musi­cal abil­ity so I will pass.

When I was a lit­tle girl my grand­fa­ther taught me to say I do de Claire (Judi Claire)

What’s your favorite wed­ding food?
Dessert bars!

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals loveseat and decor

Sun­rise or Sun­set?
Sun­set though I always hate to see the day end.

Wed­ding trend that you’re lov­ing right now?
Break­ing all the rules.

Wed­ding trend that will hope­fully be out next year?
Guests com­ing in every­day clothes. Didn’t your mother ever teach you to dress up for a wedding?

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals judi powers sitting on chair

Read the book or watch the movie?
Read the book.…. the movie rarely mea­sures up.

Stranded on a desert island, what would you bring?
My hus­band and a broom to sweep the beach. And maybe pruners so I could tidy up the place.

Favorite song on your iPod playlist?
’Make you feel my love’ by Joan Osborne.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rental pink details

What’s one of your favorite quotes?
“I believe it is cus­tom­ary in good soci­ety to take a slight refresh­ment at five o’clock.”-Oscar Wilde
I have this quote hang­ing in my house next to a non-working vin­tage clock set per­ma­nently at 5 o’clock.

What chore do you absolutely HATE doing?
Clean­ing ovens.…so I don’t.

What sound do you love?
Rain except on wed­ding day.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals old table and chair

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I’m liv­ing it.

What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?
The help and then I cheered!

What’s the hard­est thing you’ve ever had to do?
Admit I failed at some­thing I loved.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals judi powers smiling with husband

What’s the great­est gift you’ve ever given or received?
Fam­ily of course, and the love of my life.

What do you miss most about being a kid?
I don’t.

What’s in the top 5 of your bucket list?
I love my life exactly like it is. I don’t dwell on what I don’t have or can’t do. I have an amaz­ing hus­band, great kids, and really close long time friends. What more could a girl want?

What is some­thing you learned in the last week?
Build­ing a web­site is really hard AND time consuming.

At what age did you really become an adult?

Where do you see your­self or busi­ness in the near or dis­tant future?
Still doing what I love and look­ing for ways to make it even better.

central coast wedding embellishment vintage rentals



  1. Megan Stiles

    I love my mama. 🙂

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    What a lovely inter­view with the most tal­ented woman I have ever known. Send­ing you lots of love.

  3. Carla O'Neill Sage

    Great arti­cle about a mag­i­cal place. I have been attend­ing events here for over 20 years and have loved watch­ing the gar­dens mature. Ter­rific job, Judi!

  4. Mary Jo Waugh

    Love the place but Judi makes it mag­i­cal! 2/14/87!!

  5. Any ser­vice or prod­uct is only as lovely as the human being pro­vid­ing it.
    Judi makes her gor­geous prop­erty and amaz­ing rentals per­fectly lovely!

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